Dessert: Palitaw


Palitaw, or in some provinces “Dila-dila”, is one of my favorite snacks. Morning, after meals, or afternoons, it doesn’t really matter. It’s not always readily available where I live, though, because it spoils easily when it’s out of the fridge too long. Today I decided that I will have my palitaw, no matter what. So I went to Sta. Ana market and bought the ingredients. I watched a video of how to make palitaw waaaaay back when I was a kid, while watching Batibot. It looked pretty simple and guess what? It is very simple. Let me share with you how:

1 bag of Galapong
sesame seeds

Fill up a pot with water and boil. When the water is already on a rolling boil, scoop up a spoonful of galapong, shape it into a ball and then flatten it so that it becomes shaped like a tongue. Make 4-5 pieces and drop them one by one in the boiling water. When the palitaw surfaces, use a slotted spoon to fish them out of the pot. Roll the newly-cooked palitaw on niyog and set aside. Repeat these steps until all the tongue-shaped galapong is cooked. Roast the sesame seeds (without oil) on a pan. When it’s already brown, set aside in a container. Remember to let the seeds cool down first before mixing the sugar in because (like what happened to my first batch), the seeds will melt the sugar and you’ll have to redo it. Sprinkle a bit of our sesame-sugar mixture on top of your palitaw. That’s it! Pretty simple, huh?

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    [...] thanks to that clip I watched in Batibot when I was a kid. Here are the instructions on how to cook Palitaw and Ginataang [...]

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